6 things you need to do to take control of your year



6 things you need to do to take control of your year

Here at Yours Truly Club I want us all to strive for more. I want us to create a life that allows us to define our own version of success and fulfilment. Sometimes the beginning of the year can come with unwanted feelings of confusion and frustration of not being where you want to be. But today we are going to change, that we are going to take control of our lives, our year, our month, our week and our day, starting today.

1. Let’s start by simply declaring this year to be our best year yet.

Yes, let's say it together, that’s the power of intentions, you say it out loud and deliver it to the universe. So now we have clearly set out our intentions, let’s get to work.

2. Reflect on your last year

To understand where we are going and who we are we have to take time out to reflect. It’s very easy to forget all that you have achieved so take time out to either look at all the goals you ticked off or start writing everything you achieved down. If you didn't achieve what you wanted last year use that to fuel you to want it even more this year.

3. Dream big and list your yearly goals

Now you’ve reflected on your year let’s leave the past and come to the present. It's time to start dreaming about the future. List all the things that you would love to achieve this year and be specific. Don’t worry about the how just think about what you want and declare it.

4. Month to Month planning

It’s easy to get caught up in that feeling of ‘it's a new year, I’m going to achieve everything’ and a few weeks later we have left our goals behind. Hold yourself accountable and plan your month. Break your goals down to what can be completed one month then do the same thing again the next month and keep doing a monthly check-in and planning session. I have a white board on my wall with everything I plan to do and achieve this month taken from my massive goals list I did on the New Year. This starts to break down your goals into actionable more achievable steps. If one of your goals is something that's ongoing for example better fitness do a weekly checkin and put it in your viewpoint so you can see it and be reminded of this goal everyday. By doing this you're becoming intentional about your goals and taking action.

5. Keep track of your goals and achievements

Last year I created a process that really worked for keeping track of what I wanted to achieve and what I did achieve. I have a little notebook that I entitled “Be the best you - my notes to self & goals of 2017” catchy right? Well, this is how my notebook worked, the first few pages I write down what I wanted to achieve in the year and in the back, I wrote down what I am grateful for, things that have happened that I didn’t plan or expect. I personally like to write everything down because I believe you should be able to be grateful for the smallest things as well as the biggest of achievements. In the middle of my notebook, I have all my little quotes and notes to self like...

Nothing that is for you can be taken from you.

My notes to self not only include my quotes but also my affirmations, areas in my life I want to work on, my self-growth lessons and my prayers. When I checked in with this notebook every other day re-reading it gave me such a good feeling and made me feel so positive. Every so often I checked in with this notebook, sometimes too soon and sometimes I left it a little bit too long but the most important thing was I checked in.

It's a great way for you to remind yourself of everything you want and the gratitude list in the back allows you to remember all the great things you have achieved. I’ve created the same little notebook for this new year.

6. It’s now time to give it your all

Now the real question is are you ready? Are you ready to outwork yourself? Are you ready to go above and beyond for everything you desire? It’s now time to boss up and step into a new year that will be even better than the last. On reflecting on last year, yes, I achieved a lot but equally, I procrastinate a lot too and I realised if I just put more work and dedication in I could have achieved so much more. Realising this was the push I needed to make this year even greater. Now think about yourself? Is there more you could have done? And if there isn’t and you did give last year your all are you ready to enter a new level this year?

It’s time, declare your best yet and get to work.