A personal letter - we are live 🎉



Wow, here we are, announcing that Yours Truly Club is finally was one of the scariest things I've ever done. I hope you understand what I mean by scary, I suppose when you've been working on something in private for quite some time revealing it to the world exposed me and my creation.

I started to lose the feeling of excitement and feeling proud of what I created and instead started to feel scared. But what was I scared of? Working in private meant I was free, there was no fear of judgment or validation from others because it was just me and well, Yours Truly. These feelings honestly surprised me, I thought I would be screaming from the rooftops instantly. But I suppose this is where self-sabotage and doubt slowly creep in. It was at this point where I had to gain perspective, really fast. What was it that I was fearing and why? As always the universe gives you what you need at the right time, and the universe never lets me down. As these low-frequency thoughts started to overtake my mind I came across this quote by Lisa Nicols;

“You can’t be afraid of your message. You can’t be afraid of the impact that it might have on someone, the determination it might give them, the resiliency, the liberation that it might give them. You can never be afraid of that. If you feel like you’re afraid of speaking, stop being so plugged into your presentation and become plugged into the possibility that your message will give to someone else.”

This struck me instantly. This isn’t about what I might look like, I had a message to share that was created from a purely authentic positive place and I can’t let the fear stop me. I had to find the courage and share my message in hope that it could someone along in their journey. If my lessons learned and life discoveries so far can help just one person then feeling the fear and doing it anyway was worth it.

Once I finally shared Yours Truly, screamed “We’re LIVE” and the messages I received was just phenomenal and beyond unexpected. It’s one thing having a desire to truly encourage other women to change their lives but to receive messages saying I was doing just that, I have no words other than purely grateful. It's funny how fast fear vanished before I even received one message, I just sat actually laughing at myself.

We build ourselves up so much worrying over things that we have nothing to worry about (and in most cases we have made up in our own heads) so my lesson learnt is to remember fear acts as a protection to us, we have to reassure it and say it's going to be alright and then show our fear it had nothing to worry about. More importantly fearful thoughts come from a negative place and what we have made ourselves believe is true if far from reality.

So if there is anything you've been working do not wait to share it because if it was created from an authentic, pure, positive place your message will touch others and be heard.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.