Create a morning routine that actually works for you




I used to brush the whole concept of 'you need to have a morning routine' under the carpet, thinking that it was just part of that list of '10 things you need to do to be successful'. Well, that was until I actually realised how important a routine for when you wake up is to our day.

By routine, I don't mean a regimented jail like system where you must wake up at 6:30 am, at 6:35 am, drink a glass of water and so on. I mean a routine that is calm and allowing you to walk into your day prepared, inspired and ready. A morning routine that doesn't exist around stress and chaos.  A routine that is set up by what feels good for you not what everyone is deeming as the only way to be successful. I also don't mean to say you have to wake up at the crack of the dawn to have a great day or even be successful, I'm talking about the routine you have once your eyes wake and your body starts to feel the energy of the day you are about to have.

If it doesn't make you feel good then it's time to make a change.

Allow me to ask you. What's the first thing you do when you wake up? and more importantly, how does it make you feel? How does it set your day up? Is your phone your alarm clock, so as soon as you've turned it off, I mean pressed a snooze zillion times, are you then glued to your phone and the lives of other people. Or do you snooze and snooze and snooze until your down to your last 5 minutes to get ready?

My morning routine used to be dominated by the snooze button followed by some social media scrolling leaving me with just enough time to shower and quickly dress to rush out to work, normally, 10 minutes late. How did I feel? Normally flustered and stressed and my day had only just begun. It's not until now, that I realised I never set my day up to allow me to have the best chance at a great day.

Remember as soon as you wake this is your first opportunity to prepare your mind, body, and soul for the hours ahead.

I never left the house feeling as great as I potentially could and this all lied in changing my morning routine. This is when I realised I needed to stop brushing the whole morning routine concept under the carpet and just like all things you don't realise how limited you've been living until you change something.

Change is how you grow.

First, I had to start with not pressing the snooze button. Ever hear your alarm go off and feel fine to wake up so you think oh another 5 minutes will be fine and next thing you know you're tired as hell. Well, that was me. I watched a powerful video recently where Mel Robbins discusses how she stopped pressing the snooze button on her life and got herself out of depression. If you press that snooze button I promise you, you'll reconsider after watching this.

The biggest change I made was instead spending my first awake moments on my phone, once I turn my alarm off, I now lay in bed, pray and express my gratitude. I love doing this as it allows me to reconnect after sleeping with who I am, the universe and in my case God. I also decided to make sure I can have enough time in the morning to spend reading even if it's just a few pages. I never realised reading in the morning was for me, I always forced myself to read at night or on the tube but always found myself wanting to fall asleep after the first page. That's not just me right? So here's the thing, I learned that my brain is most active in the morning, it thrives and wants to be fed with the most uplifting inspiring stuff and that's where my now solitude reading time comes in. This sets my mind instantly for the day.

Set your intention and discover what works for you.

So I know my morning routine sounds blissful right or maybe something that you want to brush under the carpet. But before you do that, I didn't just come to set my morning routine like this overnight, I set an intention that I wanted a better start to my day and over time I started trying things out, somethings worked and somethings just weren't for me. Like all things, this is a journey to discovering what works for you but remember it's all based on how you feel. My morning routine works for me and I learned how to set my day up correctly so I feel the most inspired and energetic to go and have an amazing day and now I want you to the same.

Below are 5 suggestions to inspire you to change your morning routine today:

1. Don't be a slave to the snooze button
2. Focus on you and your mind before your phone
3. Speak words of affirmations to yourself and say what you are grateful for
4. Watch, listen or read something inspiring, feed your mind with endless possibilities
5. Mediate on the present moment and how you want to feel today
6. Don't focus on the time you wake up, focus on waking up when you feel ready. Just because you aren't a morning person doesn't mean your routine can't be implemented at whatever time you choose to wake up.

Do you already have a morning routine that works for you already? or are you willing to change your routine? Let me know and let’s continue the conversation on Instagram and Twitter and let know.