Feel the fear and do it anyway




It's book sharing time and I assure you this one is a good one. 'Feel the fear and do it anyway' by Susan Jeffers – a book I couldn't put down the moment I read the first page. This book is a life-changer, it takes you on a journey of understanding fear and how to approach it. Below I have shared with you a few of my favourite discoveries from the book.

Say yes to your universe

First thing's first, identify your fears and figure out what it is that you are scared of. Repeatedly Susan explains in her book that no matter what happens "You will be able to handle it" and this is a great attitude to have when starting to take control of your life and to stop living in fear. I now always ask myself; 'What is the worst that can happen?' when doing something that seems scary or out of my comfort zone. Stop listening to that voice in your head that puts you down, stop listening to your 'chatterbox'. Yes, that little non-stop voice in your head has a name. As soon as the chatterbox starts, you need to shut it down, zip, stop, shhh, don't allow one thought to turn into a thousand thoughts and before you know it your mind is fuelled with negative thoughts.

Have faith in yourself

Positivity and faith in everything that you do go hand in hand, the more times you practice turning your negative thoughts into positive thoughts the more confident you will become and the more optimistic you will feel. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway takes routine, it's an everyday practice and just like exercise once you stop your back to square one again so start to see your mind as a muscle that needs to be trained.

Take action

Most of the time we don't do what we want to do in our life because we are too scared, but what this book encourages us to do is accept the fear and just DO IT! Realise that fear will never disappear, we should embrace it, and the reason fear will always be with us is because we are constantly developing ourselves which leads to us having to overcome fear again and again.

The more times we come face to face with our fears and do things with a fearless attitude our self-confidence grows, our comfort zone expands and we are then able to make faster movements and spend less time dwelling and more time doing which most importantly leads to more time enjoying. 

The more times we do things that scare us, the more we increase our comfort zone and start to feel more confident when challenged with something that is scaring us.

Feel the fear and do it anyway
Susan Jeffers