How to get more work done in less time

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We recently discussed how to discover the secret of getting the most of your day and taking yourself on a journey to find what works for you.

I discovered that when I was kind to myself and opened up to the idea of growth I discovered that intuition is the key to unlocking your inner boss lady. Loving yourself can change your whole world, including your work. The key is to let go of expectations and the ideas of what you are “supposed to” be or do. Your path to success is as unique as you are!

It is crucial to work with your body’s internal clock rather than against it. We all have our own, very unique style of focus and workflow; and once you allow yourself to discover how your mind works you can unlock a less stressful, more productive day!

When you are working to realise your dreams or working on a side hustle, it is so easy to feel like you aren’t enough.

Here is the honest truth: You cannot work eight hours every day and be productive the whole time.

You shouldn’t expect yourself to. One of the significant benefits of working for yourself is the ability to set your own schedule. If you work in a production or data entry job, an eight-hour workday is just how it works. But when you are a writer, designer, marketer, or other creative, that just isn’t reasonable. When I started my career, I was so hard on myself. I had so many plans, and many of them had to do with “working hard”. To me, that meant sitting at a desk and putting in a ton of hours each day, five or even six days a week. In only a few months, I was completely burnt out and ready to quit. I started working a side job two days a week- working with animals. It made me happy and hit the reset button. The job was seasonal, and when I returned to working I knew I had to rethink my strategy if I wanted to avoid exhausting myself again. Now I allow myself to take a day off if I need to or take a few hours to relax during a stressful project. If you are your own boss, make sure you are a really good one, remember you can't give from an empty cup!

You really only get around five productive, efficient hours of work per day, so don't be so hard on yourself, instead let’s maximise those hours!

That’s right. Around five. That doesn’t sound correct until you think about it in depth. In my last article, I talked about how I learned to look inward and work with my brain instead of against it. I know if I sit at my desk and tell myself I have to be there for eight hours, I am going to be distracted and tired from the start. I actually get more done if I just go into the office, coffee shop, or sit outside on the deck and work on the tasks that need to be completed, without concentrating on time. All of the other boss ladies I have spoken to about this experience the same problem. Even four solid hours of super-focused work are better than a full day of working slowly. This is your “productivity window.” Try switching your focus to “how much did I get done” instead of “how long did I work.”

If you read our article on the real secret to productivity, you have an idea of what time of the day you have the most energy and focus. Plan to power your way through your projects and to do lists during that time. I save administrative tasks or like answering emails, updating my work social media accounts, etc. for before or after my productivity window. It really does free up more time for bringing on additional projects, too, if you need to. After a struggle to free myself of the (completely unnecessary) guilt over whether or not I am working an adequate number of hours; I am getting more work done, I am much happier, and it frees up time to do more of the things I love!