The power in affirmations




Your mind is your most powerful tool. What you feed it transcends into how you feel about yourself, your life and other people. To keep and maintain a positive attitude your mind has to be one of a positive place. This is where the power of affirmations comes in. Affirmations are words you repeat daily to affirm who you are, what you want and what you think. They are your daily mantras that lift you higher and help you maintain a positive attitude.

Change your words, change your life.

The power of the tongue means that even if you repeatedly say positive words out loud you eventually you will believe them and manifest the spoken words into your reality. Once you speak words of affirmations into your life you will start your journey into believing these words of positivity. It all works together because once you start to believe the words you say, you will look at yourself and everything around you in that positive light and block out negativity. Ever heard the saying "Thoughts become things"? well, this is how it works. 

To encourage you to start your own affirmations and get into a habit of speaking positively about yourself every week, I will be sending you a weekly affirmation in our newsletter every week and you can sign up here.  Below I have also listed ten of my personal favourite affirmations for particular areas of your life.


Today I affirm that I am worthy of love, peace and joy.

Today I affirm that I will stand proudly in who I am, living my life on my own terms.

Today I affirm that I am my own source of happiness.

Today I affirm that I am no longer a victim of my past.

Today I affirm that I will unapologetically live my life to the fullest.

Today I affirm that I am the best version of myself, I love who I am and no one is me.

Today I affirm I am worthy of all greatness in this world.

Today I affirm that I let go of who I was yesterday and I embrace who I am today.

Today I affirm that everything is coming together, I am deserving of the reality that I dream of and I am open to all the possibilities of the universe.

Today I affirm that I am worthy.


These affirmations are close to my heart and I hope they help you to start your journey. If you already have any affirmations that you already say to yourself, I want to know, let's continue the conversation on Instagram and Twitter and tell me your affirmations.