There is no better time to start than right now




Have you been sat on a project, an idea or just something you have wanted to do by now and for some reason you are not doing it? Well, I’m here to simply tell you to start. But you already know that right, you know you should start, so let's make that desire to actually start greater than ever so you can stop procrastinating and start pursuing your ideas, passions and dreams.

Don't be afraid to start

So the real question is what is holding you back? Most likely fear, society, your comfort zone, walking into the unknown or looking like a beginner, just to name a few. We have been programmed to accept the very least for ourselves, our work and our careers and why? because of what we see is possible and a fear of putting ourselves out there.

There will never be a right time to start, there is never a perfect way to start, we were all beginners at this thing we called life before, so don't be afraid.

You have to go that extra 10 miles

The biggest realisation when pursuing ideas, career goals, businesses and dreams is understanding and accepting what you're going to have to do to achieve them. Hard work, yes hard work, nothing is going to land on your lap and we have to remember that if we want to achieve something that is beyond mediocre then what we have to do to achieve them has to be on that same level. But hard work doesn't have to be negative, naturally when you think of hard work you might associate feelings and actions such as stress or no sleep along side working hard but the reality is when you love what you are doing it doesn't feel like hard work, you will want to invest more time into it, it will feel natural, not forced and it will be coming from a positive place.

If you want to build a million pound empire, your work ethic to pursue such dreams has to be one of a million pound empire. So you to make your work ethic match your dreams.

You have to be that person that is willing to work hard because it is you that wants to go further and without pushing even further than what everyone else is doing then you will just stay stagnant, constantly dreaming about your dreams and feeling frustrated.

Keep a positive attitude

Negativity is one of the biggest blocks we place on our potential. Keeping yourself in a negative space leaves no room to focus on growth and your future. Don’t allow negative thoughts to creep in and take over instead focus on the present moment and everything you are doing to get closer to where you want to be.


  • You create the quality of life you lead and the results you produce

  • You have control over three things: the thoughts you think, the images you visualise and the action you take. How you use these three things determine your experience.

Keep momentum

There's nothing worse than feeling inspired, working hard and then something in life throws you off your a-game. Whether that's your life commitments, procrastination or even confidence to name a few. The feeling of knowing what you should be doing and what you are not doing leads to frustration and feeling weighed down along with many other negative feelings. Figure out a realistic plan to achieving what it is you would like to do and once you have your plan, stay drawn to what inspires you, keeps you motivated and stay away from any form of distractions and negative energy.

Every day we have a choice to make, we either choose to continue to stay stagnant and daydream about what it is you want or, get up and start pursuing everything you have ever wanted.

No more excuses, wasted ideas, we want more action and more passion for everything we do.