What to do if you don't have a mentor



Yours Truly Need A Mentor

Here's the thing or more so the popular thing and I'm sure we have all heard these words before...

Get yourself a mentor.

You need a mentor.

If you want success you have to have a mentor.

Well, I'm here to say it isn't as easy as just saying go get a mentor. Especially in today's society where we are all busy people and our time is already occupied with a million and one things to do so when someone reaches out and ask for a coffee alone it may seems too much of a question. And that question is just the beginning of it.

So I have a solution, who said a mentor needs to be physical? Well, they don't, I have so many people that I follow online that I called my mentors, ok, I'll admit it, I do actually call them my friends too. I admire and love listening to the advice of these amazing individuals in all different areas of my life, I listen to their stories over and over again, I watch or listen to the same person in different interviews, I follow them on social channels, I admire watching their present moments but knowing where they came from and their past. It gives me positive encouragement to keep pushing for what I know is possible but can be deemed as impossible in an ordinary world. 

The thing is when you surround yourself with people that are just like you how do you see the bigger picture of the world and the people in it? This is where you can really utilise the online world. So thank goodness for the digital age because if you can't physically be around these amazing people then make your digital space full of them. Watch them, learn from them, be in their digital company and even tell them that they inspire you. You've used your time to seek and find a way for them to be a mentor in your life without taking anything away from them, so who wouldn't love a simple thank you for that.

So here are four amazing women who are inspiring me online right now and they 100% don't even know I call them my mentors, so why don't you too.

Lisa Nichols

Now if this woman's story doesn't inspire you I don't know what will. The first video I watched online of Lisa Nichols was from an interview where she briefly discussed how she went from being completely broken down to (on her terms) a successful woman and that's not even to mention her aura. Lisa oozes with wisdom and I instantly feel empowered by not just her story but her charisma and charm.

Emma Gannon

An advocate for working women, Emma Gannon is a massive inspiration to me and my working life. When I was starting my transition from full-time employment to freelance I looked to Emma as she openly spoke about flexible working, which is something I was seeking and how she journeyed in her career from full-time to part-time to now working for herself. Emma also boldly shares her opinions on taboo subjects and her beliefs, she inspires me to use my voice and not be silenced by the opinions of others or what people might think.


So the excitement I felt when Oprah released her new Podcast was just unexplainable, she is now every where. Oprah not only has an inspiring story of her own but also makes it her duty to have empowering, insightful and deep conversations with others to share their stories. The connections make you feel like you are sat right there involved in the conversation. You can find Oprah every where and everything she says and everyone she interviews just leaves me feeling extremely motivated and gained new outlooks to life.

Necole Kane

An absolute inspiration, Necole is a women to know, she pressed the reset button on her life and not silently, a well known woman in the media industry Necole had to do it in front of everyone. She listened to her passions and her calling and let go of a career she had built for years called Necole Bitchie. She walked into her new purpose of xonecole which is a platform to build women up instead of tear them down and she openly shares her journey including all the lows. Necole was bold and brave, her journey tells me to listen to myself and trust what I want and who I am. Read her powerful goodbye letter here.

This was just a snippet of some of the women who can empower you online, believe me there are so many inspiring women sharing their stories and lives with us. I want to know is there someone you already call your digital mentor? I want to know, there's always room to follow more inspiring women, so let's continue the conversation on Instagram and Twitter and let me know.