Ep 4 - Make this year your best year yet


Welcome to the first episode of 2018. Today's episode comes in honour of a new year.

In this episode, you will hear my stories on…

  • How I declared and made 2017 my best year yet

  • Healing from heartbreak

  • My journey of self-discovery 

  • Taking ownership and not letting life just happen to me

  • Picking yourself up after a bad start to the year

  • The power of self-love and learning to love myself

  • No longer judging myself or other people

  • Listening to my intuition

  • Staying in my own lane

  • Compromising myself, self-doubt and second guessing myself

  • Learning to enjoy my now

  • Setting intentions & affirmations

Words to remember:

@@Everytime you grow your old self will try to do everything to pull you back. Thats why growth isn’t easy, it takes dedication, patience and perseverance.@@