Ep 1 – Trust your intuition and make a change in your life


Welcome to the very first episode of the Yours Truly podcast. In this episode, Naomi discusses the different stages you will encounter when you desire to make a change in your life. This conversation aims to encourage you to follow your intuition, break free from your comfort zone and make everything you desire a reality. 

In this episode, you will...

  • understand that your intuition is aligned with what you truly want
  • breakdown what it is that is holding you back
  • feel empowered to be brave and take a leap
  • understand how fear can hold you back
  • believe that you are worthy of the life you desire
  • understand that risk can only take you to a new level of personal growth no matter the outcome
  • determine your reason behind why you want to make a change
  • feel encouraged to stop holding yourself back

Words to remember:

@@For big things to happen, big things need to change.@@